Utilizing Multi-Channel Marketing

Utilizing Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing combines different distribution and promotional channels into a single, consolidated strategy to entice customers. This strategy efficiently and effectively communicates a product or service’s value using the unique strengths of specific marketing channels. 

These channels include but are not limited to, email, websites, social media, display adverts, retail storefront etc. Marketers may use several distribution channels so customers can procure products in their preferred way.

Combined Channels are More Effective

When marketers create a strategy that unites together campaigns from multiple media channels, it creates opportunities for more impactful messages that are attentive to the customer journey.

 Channels that can be combined for more effective campaigns

Social Media & Television – Nielsen Research found that campaigns with touchpoints across both television and Facebook experienced a 12 point lift in brand recall compared to campaigns that took place on a single channel. This is because social media helps strengthen marketing messages by reaching potential customers on a frequent, highly targeted basis.

Radio & Television – Radio adverts are proven to help consumers remember television advertisements. When these two channels are combined, brand recall for television advertisements has been shown to improve by 35 per cent. It is theorized that this effect occurs because it is very cost-effective to frequently expose consumers to short radio advertisements. Then, brands can solidify their image through more impactful and engaging television commercials. Etc. 

The Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing

Marketers have lauded multi-channel marketing for decades, with one study claiming that multi-channel customers spend two to five times more than single-channel customers. Let’s illustrate why multichannel marketing strategies deserve this reputation.

Expanded Reach

When marketers expand their marketing efforts to new channels, they increase their reach among members of their potential audience. Many customers interact on a limited number of channels – so by expanding your campaigns to encompass more channels, it’s possible to find customers with untapped purchasing potential.

Increased Engagement

An increased number of channels often translates into a higher number of potential customer touchpoints. This doesn’t only give consumers more opportunities to engage with brands, it also opens up new channels of communication between the organization and the customer.

Reach Consumers on Their Preferred Channel

Consumers interact with a lot of different sources of media every day, instead of waiting for customers to find their brand, marketers need to uncover which channels these consumers prefer to use and meet them where they are. 

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