Little bit about

Pickas Unified Media

Pickas Unified Media Limited is a branding and advertising agency providing cutting edge services to help businesses meet their marketing and communication objectives, accelerate growth and compete effectively in an ever-changing environment.
Our story dated back to two years of which we have been in the business of continuously helping SMEs to grow their businesses profitably. With an awesome team of productive minds, we have been able to covey a smart, visually engaging and mind-blowing marketing and communications strategies that have conveyed compelling messages and delivered mind-blowing results.

We have been in the business of helping brands to reach their target audience where and when it counts. We believe that every client has one important interest; taking their brand to a position where it speaks directly to their target audience for it is only then that there will be brand dominance and brand loyalty.

At Pickas Media, we do not only promise to take your brand to that position but we promise to sustain it there.

Our Core Values


We look for people who can develop and create solutions to challenging problems in a simple way


We look for people who think innovatively without limiting their thinking to confined space.


We look for people who are committed to getting work done no matter the obstacles they face.